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Day care worker accused of assaulting 6-year-old

Posted at 1:55 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 14:05:48-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- A day care worker is facing charges of battery and strangulation after he was accused of assaulting a 6-year-old boy.

Charley Futch Jr., known as “Uncle Chucky,” was working at Nanny's Loving Care on West Washington Street, when police received a report that he assaulted a boy at the daycare.

Futch, 39, is accused of choking and grabbing the boy.

Another child who attends the daycare filmed the incident, according to the probable cause, and the boys reported it to a school bus driver.

Also in the probable cause, the 6-year-old boy’s mother asked her son about the incident and he said, “Uncle Chucky treated me like a dog.” 

According to officials who viewed video of the incident, Futch grabbed the boy by his backpack, causing him to dangle.

“At one point R.M. tried to get away and Charley pulled R.M. by his backpack towards Charley,” read the report. “Charley also told R.M. that if he wanted to act like a dog he would treat him like one. R.M. continued to cry at which
point Charley threw R.M. backwards.”

Futch told police the 6-year-old boy is rambunctious and picks on other children.

“He doesn’t remember throwing R.M. backwards as the video showed,” read the report. “He said that no matter what there was no reason to toss back R.M.”

James Miller, co-owner of Nanny's Loving Care says Futch was fired. 

A warrant has been issued for Charley Futch Jr., but no arrest has been made, court records show. 

The Family and Social Services Administration, the state agency that licenses child care facilities, is aware of the incident.

“The Department of Child Services is also investigating, so any action we take is pending the outcome of the DCS investigation,” said Marni Lemons, spokesperson for FSSA.


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