Fight over who owns 500-foot piece of Morgan Co. road leaves potholes unfilled, drivers frustrated

Posted at 5:49 AM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 05:49:21-04

MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. -- A fight over who owns a 500-foot stretch of road in Morgan County has left potholes unfilled, concrete unrepaired and drivers frustrated. 

The chunk of E. Morgan Road is right off Indiana 37, a few miles before you get to Martinsville. 

Once you turn onto the road, huge potholes line the road - all the way down to the rebar - and are nearly impossible to miss. 

Ken Addington has lived in Morgan County for more than 50 years. He says he's tried calling to get the potholes fixed, but every time he does he gets the runaround. 

"The old patching started coming out and exposed the reinforcing wire," Addington said. "I've called the county. I've called the state. A few days later, I get a call back saying the section of road is not our responsibility."

Ken told RTV6 he’s called multiple times - but each time he gets the same responses, so he reached out to Call 6 for help. 

Call 6 Investigates' Paris Lewbel started making calls as well. First the county - who says that the piece of Morgan Road is the state's responsibility. They say the state installed the road more than 40 years ago to connect the county road to IN 37. 

They say it also isn't their problem, because they only use asphalt on their roads and that 500-foot section of road is concrete - which they say only INDOT uses. 

So we reached out to INDOT next, and they confirmed that they built the section of Morgan Road, but their plans show they relinquished it to Morgan County back in the 1970s. 

But as of Wednesday, INDOT still couldn't find the real estate documents that prove the transfer was ever completed. 

Because INDOT’s response was received late in the day on Wednesday, Call 6 hasn’t been able to obtain a new response from Morgan County about what INDOT said. 

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