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IACC, IMPD rescue dog from hot car

Posted at 6:14 PM, May 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-31 18:14:32-04

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police rescued a dog from a hot car Monday evening, records show.

According to a report, officers responded to the McDonalds at 1611 North Meridian for a report of an SUV with a small dog inside of it.

An IMPD officer was able to unlock the vehicle and remove the dog, a small tan and white female Yorkshire Terrier Mix, and give it cold water.

“The dog was still panting but no longer seemed to be in distress,” according to an Indianapolis Animal Care and Control officer who responded to the scene.

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The report said at the time the temperature outside was 88 degrees with 30 percent humidity.

“According to my IR thermometer, the vehicle ranged from 128 degrees on the dashboard to 138 degrees inside the back window,” the report said.

The city impounded the dog and has attempted to call the owner.

“There was no answer but I did leave a voicemail advising the owner she has 32 business hours to claim the animal,” read the report.

The dog’s owner faces citations for care and treatment, not having proper tags and for leaving a dog in a vehicle that would constitute a health hazard.