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Settlements reached in school bus assault

Posted at 9:29 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 21:29:54-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A Franklin Township family has reached a settlement following a 2012 school bus assault caught on camera.

Caleb Jones, along with his brother Jonathan and his mother Lora Hoagland, filed a civil lawsuit in 2012 against the alleged bully and his mother, whom RTV6 is not identifying because he is a juvenile.

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On Thursday, a Marion County judge approved a $10,000 judgment against the alleged bully’s mother, in favor of Hoagland and her sons.

Jones also filed claimed the Franklin Township Community School Corporation failed to call emergency personnel even though he was bleeding profusely.

The school corporation reached a $3,500 settlement with Jones and Hoagland in October, which records show will mostly go toward reimbursement of Jones' and Hoagland’s legal expenses.

“It was the insurance company’s decision to settle this particular matter,” said Dr. Flora Reichanadter, superintendent for Franklin Township Community School Corporation. “Because the plaintiff is a minor, there are no additional comments that we can to make regarding this case.”

Doctors later had to staple Jones' head.

"As a result of the School Corporation's negligence, Caleb Jones and Jonathan Jones have suffered personal injuries, pain and suffering, permanent injuries, scarring, emotional injuries and future pain and suffering," read the claim.

During the video, you see a bus driver appear briefly before she walks out of frame.

Jones' attorney Chris Wyant told RTV6 the school district didn’t do enough to keep Jones and other children safe.

"It sounds as though it were a thing that just kept happening and happening and happening every day," said Wyant. "Caleb finally stood up for himself and as a result received a pretty bad punishment."

Hoagland told RTV6 any monies collected would go to medical expenses or trust accounts for both boys.

“I know the Jones and their mother are pleased to have some resolution of this matter,” said Wyant in a statement to RTV6 Monday.

Because he was a juvenile, it’s unclear if the alleged bully on the video ever faced criminal charges. 


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