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Sheriff: Brazen attempt to sneak items into jail

Posted at 11:40 PM, Mar 28, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Marion County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man Monday they say tried to sneak contraband into the jail through a second-story window.

George Staten, 31, is accused of trafficking with an inmate in a correctional facility.

Officers were responding to what they thought was a car break-in near the jail when they noticed something was dangling from the second-floor window.

It turned out to be a rube with tubes on it and a piece of metal that had been sharpened to a knife-life point.

When officers had arrived on scene, a suspect had fled. They found the suspect, Staten, a short distance away inside a restaurant.

Inside the jail, officers tracked the string to the cell of inmate Christopher Hutchinson. He allegedly had the other end of the string in his hand, as well as tobacco and another substance rolled in cigar paper.


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