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State revokes license for administrator after woman found dead, covered in cockroaches at facility

Roland's Retirement Club shut down in November
Posted at 3:05 PM, Mar 27, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS.--  A state board revoked the license for an assisted living facility administrator Tuesday after she admitted to fraud and putting residents’ health and safety at risk.

Cynthia Jones of Rockville, Indiana was the licensed administrator of Roland’s Retirement Club, located at 6038 West 25th Street in Speedway.

As part of a settlement agreement approved Tuesday by the Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators, Jones admitted to all of the Indiana Attorney General’s office allegations against her including failing to ensure residents are free from neglect.

The Attorney General’s office filed a formal complaint against Jones on February 5, accusing Jones of accepting payment in exchange for allowing Roland’s to use her administrator license.

Jones was absent from the facility starting in 2015 due to health issues but did not hire another licensed administrator to run the retirement club.

Call 6 Investigates found Speedway Code Enforcement responded Roland's Retirement Club 10 times in 2017 and issued eight citations, all for “public nuisance.”

State health inspectors cited the club for being dirty and in disrepair, noting broken equipment, cockroaches and bugs, and feces stains throughout the building.

“A trail of BM (bowel movement/feces)… was smeared along the tiled floor down the main hallway from the dining room,” read the inspection report. “A resident had an incontinent episode at lunch and the brown trail was from him walking back to his room.”

The state also cited the facility for not having adequate activities for residents, and for the parking lot is full of potholes.

“Resident D indicated, the parking lot was so bad with potholes, ‘I'm afraid I'll fall or break my walker!’” read the inspection report.

When the Indiana State Department of Health inspected the facility on August 8 and 9, Jones was not there, but inspectors noted multiple bugs in room 29.

On September 22, Speedway Police responded to Roland’s Retirement Club, 6038 West 25th Street, and found cockroaches coming out of a dead resident’s mouth and nose inside room 29.

Roland’s Retirement Club shut its doors around November 30, 2017.

Jones did not appear at Tuesday’s hearing when the board unanimously accepted the settlement agreement and revocation of Jones’ license.

Call 6 Investigates tried to reach Jones for comment, but we have not yet heard back.

Jones can re-apply for a health facility administrator license in seven years, according to the Attorney General’s office, but she will have to file as a new applicant.

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