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Who's enforcing Indianapolis' new scooter laws?

IMPD: No citations given yet for scooter riders
Posted at 6:43 AM, Sep 10, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bird and Lime scooters have been back on Indianapolis streets for less than a week, but there has been confusion and frustration from some riders on where you can and can't legally ride them.

The scooters can go upwards of 15 mph, and some concerned people reached out to RTV6 about riders on the sidewalk, something that's currently illegal. 

Indianapolis ordinances ban "motorized vehicles," -- which include scooters -- from being ridden on the sidewalks and from being on any of the trails. 

But it's easy to find scooter after scooter riding down the sidewalks and along trails. 

"People can be hit," one woman said. "I've also heard that there is a problem when you're pulling out of a parking garage and you look one way and the other way, but by the time you pull out, a scooter could be coming because you haven't seen it and there've been close calls that way too."

Who's actually enforcing the scooter laws? It's up to the city's police departments to enforce the ordinance but is it actually being done? Call 6 couldn't find any tickets written yet against scooter riders. 

"It's going to be a learning curve right now, so we're not going to issues any citations, we're trying to educate the public to do the right thing, be safe for everyone," IMPD Commander Phil Burton said. 

IMPD says they don't have a timeframe on when they will start writing the tickets. There is also some contradicting information coming from the city and the app. You can't ride the scooters in bike lanes, but the app suggests you do so.

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