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City-County Councilor Called On To Apologize After Arrest

Posted at 10:12 AM, Jul 22, 2008

Editor's Note: Doris Minton-McNeill was found not guilty in this case in 2009. Read about that here.

A City-County councilor is being called on to apologize to police and to refrain from voting after her arrest last month.

Republican City-County Councilor Ed Coleman issued a statement before Monday night's meeting calling on fellow councilor, Democrat Doris Minton-McNeill, to apologize to police and to refrain from voting on police-related matters, 6News' Rick Hightower reported.

Minton-McNeill was arrested last month, accused by police of pushing an officer who responded to a 911 call at her home.

According to the police report, Minton-McNeill also made racist remarks toward the officers. She told police she had been drinking.

Minton-McNeill avoided 6News' cameras at Monday night's council meeting, and did not return calls for a comment.

Coleman said Minton-McNeill shouldn't be allowed to vote on public safety issues until her case is resolved.

"There were some comments made specifically toward race and I feel anybody with an opinion that all police officers of a certain race may be racist's skews your opinion on them," Coleman told Hightower Monday night. "I don't think anybody who cannot represent that constituent class should not be voting for them."

But Minton-McNeill's fellow Democrats said she's being judged prematurely.

"She hasn't went to court and she hasn't been found guilty of anything and I think it's like some of these other cases that the Republican Party has tried to make a big issue out of," said City-County Council Member Monroe Gray. "Eventually it will resolve itself and I think she should be allowed to vote."

Minton-McNeill did vote at Monday's meeting, but did not speak to the controversy.