A plan emerges for COVID-19 testing of NBA players

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Posted at 4:55 PM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 21:04:23-04

NEW YORK — Some NBA teams planning to open their practice facilities to voluntary player workouts, appear ready to test players and staff for COVID-19, ESPN reported Friday.

Widespread testing must be available in NBA cities before games could resume this season, according to Commissioner Adam Silver. ESPN has been told the league would need about 15,000 tests to complete the season which was suspended in March when COVID-19 became a major concern.

In NBA cities were there is adequate virus testing for at-risk healthcare workers, teams would be allowed to administer the tests to players and staff, according to ESPN.

The Orlando Magic, LA Clippers and LA Lakers are among the teams that will be first to administer the test to players and staff at workouts. Those teams have been assured that team testing in their cities would not put a burden on the ability to test others.

Asked Friday about the Pacers plans in coming weeks, the team issued this statement:

Full team activities will not resume without express permission from the NBA, and only in compliance with the executive orders issued by the State and the City or other clearance. After consulting with the Mayor’s Office and their subsequent discussion with health officials, players can begin regulated individual therapy and training next week at the St. Vincent Center while adhering to government and NBA guidance on social distancing and other health guidelines for COVID-19 prevention. Currently, we are following testing guidelines laid out by the State of Indiana.