Bargersville has ambulance assigned to coronavirus response

Bargersville ambulances.JPG
Posted at 7:10 PM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-20 19:10:42-04

BARGERSVILLE — Coronavirus has killed three Hoosiers this week. One of them, a 91-year-old Johnson County woman who reportedly was driven by family to the hospital.

In Bargersville, Unit 211 is ready to roll. It is one of two ambulances positioned in Johnson County equipped to respond to any COVID-19 cases.

First responders with the Bargersville Fire Department have the N-95 masks and gowns to protect themselves and their patients.

"If you're staying at home you don't need a mask at home," Deputy Chief Michael Pruitt said. "We're not saying you need one in public either but let's make sure that supply is used properly for the people that truly need that."

Lt. Sean Campbell is among those on the front lines. So is his wife, who works in healthcare.

"We take personal protection very serious around here. It starts from your basic hand washing and trying to keep our distance but our main focus is number one not getting infected but also not taking it home to our family."

First responders are monitoring the situation. They are stocked with the equipment they will need when the call comes.

The state's second COVID-19 death was a 91-year-old woman in Johnson County who died at St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis. The Johnson County Health Department is keeping a close eye on the other reported cases.

"The capacity to how much it's going to grow depends on how seriously we take doing the best we can do to keep it under control," Betsy Swearingen, director of the Johnson County Health Department, said.

At the Bargersville Fire Department, whether it's sunrise or sunset, they're ready for the call to duty.

Johnson County's other ambulance, known as Medic 54, is positioned in Greenwood, in White River Township.