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Cardiologists urge heart patients and others with certain COVID-19 risk factors to get vaccinated

Posted at 9:22 PM, Apr 14, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — As Hoosiers line up to get the COVID-19 vaccine, doctors and experts are warning those with certain COVID-19 risk factors to sign up for their shot. That includes heart patients, those with cardiac issues and smokers.

"I would say everyone should get a vaccine even patients who are not cardiac patients per say who have not had an event before but yet may only have cardiac risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, high cholesterol, smokers or patients with a family history of heart disease. All of those patients are going to be at a higher risk if they develop the infection," Dr. Woodrow Corey, Cardiologist at Ascension St. Vincent said.

The American Heart Association is also encouraging people get the COVID-19 vaccine, especially people with heart disease and others who are at higher risk for serious complications from the virus.

Results of a study just released by the American Heart Association found obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart failure are the top four risks for COVID-19 complications.

Among more than 900,000 US coronavirus disease 2019 hospitalizations through November 18, 2020, the study found nearly two thirds were estimated to be attributable to these cardiometabolic conditions, that is, preventable if these conditions had not been present.

"When you weigh the risks, the benefits of getting the vaccine versus getting COVID-19, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks of the vaccine," Dr. Corey said.