Carmel company offers extra money to workers who come into office

Posted at 3:09 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 15:09:53-04

CARMEL — A Carmel financial services company is offering additional pay to employees who choose to come into the office during coronavirus concerns.

Allied Solutions has 550 employees based in the Hamilton County office, and is offering a 15% financial assistance payment to employees who decide they can’t work from home.

“We simply added a choice for those employees who opted not to work from home or take the paid time off,” said Amy Level-Hearn, VP for Marketing and Communications at Allied Solutions. “For those employees who chose to do this, we offered them a 15% financial assistance payment on top of their regular pay to help defray any costs they may have during this difficult time. For example, we have some employees that will be able to work from home most days, but may need to make special arrangements (childcare or otherwise) to come in and do a special task a day or two out of the week.”

Employees have the choice to work from home and receive 100% of their normal pay, or they take the next two weeks off and still receive 70% of their normal pay.

The financial services company, which has offices in other states like Texas, has seen a 60% reduction in their in-office workforce.

“Social distancing and employee proximity are of great concern to us -- we are happy to report that our current in-office workforce has an average of over 500 square feet per person, which as you know is well above the CDC recommendations,” said Level-Hearn.


Our number one concern before, during, and after this crisis is the health and wellbeing of our employees. Our goal is to provide optimal choices to meet our complicated business needs and those needs of all of our employees. Each employee can select the option that allows them to protect themselves, their families and perform in the most comfortable work environment they choose, including not working at all and receiving 70% of their normal pay.

Actions are much stronger than words and our history of looking after our greatest asset – our employees – has been demonstrated over the years and will continue to be our primary focus now, and into the future.

We are fortunate to have the financial strength to be able to offer these flexible choices. As communications and updates continue to be very fluid, our focus on complying with all CDC recommendations, our employee’s health and safety, as well as our obligations to our customers and clients will continue to be at the forefront of decisions being made.