Carmel coworking space helps make remote work easier during pandemic

Posted at 9:17 AM, May 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-19 09:17:40-04

CARMEL — As the pandemic and social distancing guidelines continue, more companies and employees are developing long-term plans for remote work.

However, working from home isn't an option for some.

Kristina Monson helps her clients continue their work at Office Evolution, a coworking space in Carmel.

"It was really kind of looking at each person to see what their needs were," Monson said. "It allows them to get work done, but in a safe manner."

There are signs up throughout the office telling people to keep their distance from each other. Every other work station is open and hand sanitizer and wipes readily are available.

Stuart Wood has been constantly coming in to Office Evolution to get his work down. He said the set-up for him and other is perfect to maintain social distancing.

"I felt comfortable that me going in, that I was in a fairly safe space and environment at this point," Wood said. "We all have our own offices, so we're pretty separated any way."

Wood handles small business and individual tax returns as an accountant, so having a professional work space is something he said is a top priority to keep sensitive information safe. It is also convenient for Wood when it comes to doing work for his clients.

"It is really difficult to do with a limited number of monitors, and so I have my monitors set up here at this office, which I do not have at home," Wood said.

With big companies like Twitter telling their employees they can work from home forever, business experts think it's just a matter of time before it becomes an option for everyone.

If it happens, places like Office Evolution are prepared to offer those who need or prefer a professional work space somewhere to go.

"They say everybody has to pivot now. It's kind of stepping back, looking at your business and saying what changes do we need to make," Monson said.