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Baking business owner adds new desserts to make up for canceled weddings and events

Posted at 7:03 PM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-31 19:03:56-05

INDIANAPOLIS — A local business owner is creating plans and pivoting to stay open in the new year.

“I think small business owners, we are feeling the most of Covid,” V Taybron said.

Taybron started her baking business in 2013 after she was close to being homeless.

“I had an idea to bake cookies,” Taybron said. “Which was weird because my electricity has been turned off by that time.”

She used her friend’s kitchen to bake cookies after spending her last $10 to buy supplies. Then, she hit the streets to sell her baked goods.

“At the end of the day I had about $200 and I said maybe I should be baking maybe there is something to this,” she said.

Taybron said she was eventually contacted by the military after her baking business gained traction on social media. She figured out a way to ship cupcakes overseas in mason jars.

“The men missed their family so much being over there that the red velvet, the banana cream, all of those things reminded them of home," Tayborn said. "That launched everything we have now which is”

Fast forward from 2013 to 2020, Taybron started seeing success with cake orders for weddings, graduations, and other events, until the pandemic.

“My high-ticket items are wedding cakes, baby showers, graduations, and people aren’t gathering in the way which they used to," Taybron said. "So, I’m not getting those big-ticket orders anymore. So, I’m trying to shift everybody to cupcake jars it’s the perfect social distancing desser."

The challenge right now is getting people to order the cupcake jars.

“I’m trying to get people to shift to that mindset which is been a challenge," Taybron said. "And even to go online and order it and wait the 48 hours or possibly 72 hours so that I’m running to a local store you can’t get homemade red velvet recipe that’s been in my family for generations you cannot get that at your local grocery store.”

To expand her products, Taybron is also working with a company that sells sprinkles and is now selling artwork featuring Black women baking.