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Faces of Unemployment: Hoosier man considering career change after being laid off during pandemic

Posted at 10:37 AM, Mar 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-11 10:38:00-05

The Coronavirus Pandemic thrust hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers off the job and into the unemployment line. Now, one year since the pandemic began, many are still struggling to get their unemployment benefits or find their next job. The "Faces of Unemployment" project is our commitment to you to tell the stories of troubles and success.

“There have been over 150 resumes that I have sent out. A small percentage of those have led to telephone interviews and the telephone interviews have led to face-to-face interviews. Once I got those interviews and they saw how old I was then I was done,” said Graham Watland.

At 70, Watland says it is harder to land a job during a pandemic.

“It is so frustrating it is unbelievable,” said Watland.

Even with his extensive resume.

“It's much different today. I had four job offers after graduating from Purdue. I have been in the technology industry since I got out of college," Watland said. "Since I am 70, I have been in the industry 45 years."

His expertise led him down a very successful path and he's had a career filled with adventure.

“I have traveled the world I spent some time in Taiwan, Italy, Germany, England, and Dubai,” said Watland.

He says the pandemic brought changes for the company he was working for.

“When COVID-19 hit, a lot of people got laid off,” said Watland.

He says he’s tired of hearing he is overqualified and now might be the perfect time to start a new adventure.

“If I had to tell you my number one job — I do have a Ph.D. in marketing strategies — if I could have my number one desire fulfilled, I would like to be a professor," he said.

He's done some substitute teaching. He’s even applied to some openings at local colleges and universities, but no job offers just yet. In the meantime, he's getting ready to work with the Indians baseball team part-time.