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Fortville woman helps to feed pets in need during COVID-19 pandemic

Hoosiers struggling financially to take care of themselves, their pets
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Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 10, 2020

FORTVILLE — Since the pandemic started many hoosiers are struggling financially not only to take care of themselves but also their pets.

For many families during the pandemic they didn’t know where their next meal would come from or where their animals next meal would come from, but thanks to a Fortville woman and the power of social media they are keeping families together.

“Are we going to feed us are we going to feed the animals,” that’s the question Char Solverson asked after being laid off from her job in March. She has several pets and at one point her family had to contemplate giving them away.

“These animals have been part of our lives for years and they're like family members it's not like they're just some inanimate object you know it's not like something you just take and drop off at goodwill when you're done with it it's a lifelong commitment,” Solverson said.

But things changed when a stranger posted in the Fortville Happenings Facebook group asking if anyone needed help feeding their animals.

“It was like 'Ok God you really do listen to prayers' because I had been just praying so much about how are we going to make this work what you know give us an answer or help us through this and boom there was this post,” Solverson said.

Kelly Donley is the author of that post and since posting has accidentally started a pet food pantry from her garage.

“It's gotten bigger than I expected it to so not only are we running out of the garage, but we've been able to set up like amazon wish list or chewy orders,” Donley said.

Donley said no matter what the need is her and her network of rescuers can help.

“The ultimate goal is that we can keep you know loving pet owners with their pets even during you know this crazy pandemic when folks are many of which financially struggling,” Donley said.

As for Solverson, she said Donley saved her family.

“My situation was I could afford my animals, COVID came, I lost my job, I can't afford my animals, I can't really afford much of anything, but those are my children and those are important parts of remaining mentally healthy during all of this and to lose that for some people really could be life-altering,” Solverson said.

If you need help either feeding your pets or getting them necessary medical treatment, like spay and neuter, Donley wants to help you can reach her here.