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In Marion County: A new effort to get noncustodial parents to pay child support

Suspended driver's license can be reinstated
CALL 6: Owe child support? Pay, turn yourself in
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-31 11:34:30-04

INDIANAPOLIS — In Marion County, noncustodial parents who lost their driver's license over non-payment, now have a way to get their license back.

County Prosecutor Ryan Mears Thursday announced a restart of an initiative that will be in effect during August.

Here's how it works: Noncustodial parents who have not been making good on their child support obligations and have lost their license as a result, can get their license reinstated if they make an affordable child support payment based on their ability to pay. Participants must also commit to staying on track with future payments.

"Due to the current public health crisis and its economic implications, many people in our community are facing significant financial burdens," said Mears. "We feel is is important to help those who are willing to make a good faith effort to pay their child support. By reinstating driver's licenses, we have the unique opportunity to increase a parent's ability to gain long-term employment and continue meeting their financial obligations to their children."

The initiative was first tried last December, and in just three weeks, 105 driver's licenses were reinstated.

To take part, a parent can visit: More information is also available at: 317-327-2700.

The parent must agree to pay an affordable monthly amount of child support, and they must update their empolyment information.