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Indiana woman successfully launches dessert business, despite pandemic

The Cavity Factory bakes creative desserts
Posted at 12:50 AM, Jan 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-09 12:08:56-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Sitting at home during the pandemic has given us all plenty to think about. For 22-year-old Destinee Smith, it was just finding something to do that she enjoyed. That's when she went into the kitchen.

"Then I started playing around with stuff and I came up with just covering stuff in chocolate," Smith said.

She realized making desserts was not only fun but her future. What started out as cooking meals for her family became baking custom ordered desserts.

"I originally started giving it to friends and family as like gifts and they loved it and I was like 'Oh! I'm about to start a business' and that's what I did," said Smith.

Of course, the early months of the pandemic put the brakes on that idea, but in late 2020 Smith launched her own online bakery called The Cavity Factory. Large orders quickly came rolling in for Christmas.

"I had a nurse's office where they do at-home care, the entire nurse's offices ordered and bought stuff from me for their families from Christmas. It was nice," said Smith.

The desserts from Smith's Cavity Factory can be customized for every order. Smith says she can create just about anything.

"Any theme, anything! From Sun Flowers to Spiderman to anything," Smith said.

Right now, Smith has a full-time job as an insurance agent, but with just weeks to Valentine's Day, she is hoping a good rush of sales will soon allow her to open her own in-person shop full time.

The woman who started a business out of boredom in a pandemic is encouraging others to spend their time doing what they love.

"At this point people are starting to realize that some of these jobs don't care about them, why not do what you love," Smith said.

You can find The Cavity Factory on Instagram. Orders take at least a week to fill.