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Indianapolis restaurants asking government for assistance

Posted at 7:46 AM, Mar 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-18 10:57:22-04

INDIANAPOLIS —The outbreak is impacting every corner of the community.

Several government orders that temporarily closes of restricted businesses across Indiana are now in effect.

Restaurants and bars are taking a big hit by the new rules that prohibit them from serving patrons in-person.

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Some owners took their concerns directly to the Mayor of Indianapolis.

Mayor Joe Hogsett's most pressing issue is the concerns of local business owners who are looking to government to help carry them through the coronavirus pandemic.

"As restaurant owners, we need all employees covered for unemployment until we can get back open," Blake Ellis, owner of Half Liter BBQ in Broad Ripple, said.

While sympathizing with Indy's business community, Hogsett will remind you unemployment is handled at the state and federal level. Still, he is doing what he can by spending his own money in local restaurants and amending city procedures so residents can have easier access to restaurants who are now depending on carryout orders.

"We want to make sure that if you are a restaurant where there is metered parking that, at your request, the department of public works has agreed to come out and designate a parking meter or two exclusively for pickup of take-home items or carryout," Hogsett said.

Eddie Sahm is among the restaurant operators petitioning for unemployment benefits to all hourly and salaried workers. He says that the issue needs attention from elected officials in positions much higher than the Mayor.

"Right now, we are looking for leadership from anyone in a federal position," Sahm, owner of Sahm's, said. "There's things that are on the table, things that are getting voted on, but what we really want is a plan. We can't have plan A through Z. In this food industry, we, on a daily basis, we need maybe a plan A, B, and C, but right now, there are no plans. We are all scrambling every single day. Every single hour."