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Indy woman finds success in hair, skincare business during pandemic

Owner says business launched by accident
Posted at 11:33 PM, Jan 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 23:56:45-05

INDIANAPOLIS — "At the start of pandemic, I cut all my hair off, as many women did, and I'm not a stranger to short hair so it was no big deal, but I found out I had a bald spot," Nakilah Majors said.

With plenty of time on her hands Majors started experimenting and researching ways to grow her hair back. That's when she first learned about fresh aloe, which changed her life when she started putting it in her hair.

"I was really embarrassed about my bald spot, but one day I didn't even realize my hair had grew in. I just wasn't paying it any attention, but then I was like, Oh Man! My hair grew in I think I might share this with Facebook," said Majors.

After just one post on Facebook people began asking if Majors would sell her creation, which was never part of her plan.

"I was like no, no. I'm not selling it, I'm just showing you guys my results and one of my friends, Jen hit my inbox and she was like are you crazy? Absolutely you are selling this!" said Majors.

In just a single day Majors had accidentally started a business, now called "Ms. Nikki's Butter," a line of all-natural hair and body products made for men and women. Less than a year later Majors' products are getting positive reviews, but she says this wasn't her first time stepping into entrepreneurship.

"I think I've started like 15 million businesses and not all are successful," Majors said.

Majors encourages other people ready to start their own business to take that leap of faith, but not before knowing what they are getting into.

"No blind faith like that, don't quit your job today with two sales. I think a lot of people put it as something glamorous, like you can just hop out there with a body butter or a candle and make it big and that's not really the way it goes. You really have to do some education behind it," Majors said.

Majors' products are sold exclusively online and takes about a week to be custom-made and delivered. You can learn more about her products on her website: