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Main Street Indiana businesses struggling to survive

Posted at 11:06 AM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 11:06:28-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Main Street Indiana is struggling to survive the pandemic.

Whether its Kokomo, Martinsville, Carmel, or Avon, small businesses that employ thousands of Hoosiers are making tough decisions, and they're looking at all options to provide a paycheck.

"I'm operating right on the edge — don't know how much food to order, not sure I can get the food I need, that's getting tough," Sherry Young, the owner of Court Street Cade in Franklin, said.

Young is keeping up with the orders for carry-out, and they're keeping her in business, but barely.

Since mid-March, Young's had to layoff more than a dozen people from the Court Street Cafe.

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"We're like family," Sherry said. "I've had to look at those with the greatest need. I've had to say to some you know that are paying daycare--you know--if you work--it's probably going to cost you to work because I can't give you enough hours to cover the cost of what you will spend."

The last few weeks have been devastating. But Young is determined to one day dish about this moment.

"I hope we look back at this and realize that no matter how hard life seems that we can be kind, that we can still be generous," Young said.

Friday marks Young's fifth year in business. She needed to make it to this date. Now, she's hoping to make it beyond her anniversary.

While community support is keeping small businesses open, there are numbers of groups offering financial help. Check with your town or city mayor's office, chamber of commerce or community foundation.