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Teachers continue their call for COVID vaccinations now

No indication from state it will happen
teacher stress
Posted at 12:35 AM, Feb 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 00:35:10-05

INDIANAPOLIS — Teachers were let down again at Governor Holcomb's weekly COVID-19 update. Educators hoped their profession would be the next eligible group as they face pressure to teacher students in person.

"It has been very disappointing and frustrating over the last month, month-and-a-half to hear Governor Holcomb say teachers will not be prioritized," Ben Yoder, an Indiana educator who wants to get vaccinated, said.

Like hundreds of teachers across Central Indiana, Yoder is back teaching in the classroom and says getting vaccinated would make teaching in person less stressful. "Being able to provide that piece of mind, knowing that they are going to be exposed to virus, having that vaccine is going to provide piece of mind to what many would deem an essential worker," Yoder said.

"You're never going to see any of us jumping in front of grandma and grandpa to get a vaccine. That's not what we're asking or trying to do. We are saying that even though the data may say spread in schools is fairly low, that teachers are not dying from this virus at a high of rate, there are still teachers that have passed away from coronavirus in this country."


"If we really do want kids back in school and back to the way they were before and we want to call teachers essential workers, then they have to be treated like essential workers and they have to be vaccinated," Yoder said.