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Wayne Township Schools staff dealing with record number of COVID cases, will remain online

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Posted at 11:41 AM, Jan 13, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS — Another school district is delaying its return to in-person learning and its hybrid schedule.

Wayne Township reports it had a record number of positive COVID-19 cases among its staff last week and a significant number
of them are dealing with a quarantine situation.

The home of the Giants was set to welcome kids back to schools Wednesday, Jan. 20, but will remain online. The new return date is Feb. 1.

"We're blessed to follow the science and do so safe learning here at Wayne," Lesia Douglas, a CNA instructor, said.

"One of the things that's a challenge is that every decision that we make is supported by some and loathed by others, so there are strong opinions on both sides," Dr. Jeff Butts, MSD Wayne Superintendent, said. "So we have to be mindful of the impact it has on all of our families."

Wayne Township's plan to return to class and a hybrid schedule could change if the number of COVID-19 cases remain high or rise.