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Clearing up the confusion: Is it COVID, the flu or strep?

Local lab has tests for that
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Posted at 5:36 PM, Oct 21, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — It can be confusing, especially this time of year. Are you suffering from COVID-19, the traditional flu or strep?

COVID is not the flu, but the symptoms are similar.

An Indianapolis lab has what looks like a drive-thru COVID testing site. But Aria Diagnostics offers three tests in one visit, for COVID, the flu and strep.

"I think we are all very nervous especially with kids going back to school and their exposure and with it getting cold out, people are starting to demonstrate whether they're re in COVID or Flu until we test them," said Vipin Adhlakha, Aria Diagnostics President.

Separate swabs for the flu and strep can get you results in 10 to 15 minutes, and less than 48-hours to determine coronavirus.

"Since the flu and COVID have a lot similar symptoms we have found it would be convenient and pretty effective," said Adhlakha. "Being able to offer an accessible solution, going to put people at ease, and allow them to feel comfortable it's not COVID, and may be just strep, and they can treat those with medication."

The tests are covered by insurance if ordered by a doctor. Aria has set up a telehealth service to allow healthcare professionals to determine if you need to be tested. Without a doctor's order, the three tests cost $185.

At a time, when a cough or fever could spiral into serious worries, the drive thru is hoping to figure out whether you need medication or isolation.

Aria Diagnostics has a number of testing sites in the Indianapolis area. For more information, call: 317-623-4003.