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Retired healthcare workers being recruited to come back and fight COVID

Cases soar and more support is needed than ever
Posted at 10:44 PM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 22:45:33-05

INDIANAPOLIS — There's a renewed effort to bring back retired healthcare workers and anyone in the field willing to help as COVID cases keep rising. Last week, state health officials said hospitals are swamped and need more support than ever.

“Not only am I a doctor but I am a doctor married to a doctor,” said Dr. Jarrett Manning

She is on the front lines of healthcare every day and so is her husband.

“They are calling people back to help because the need is there this is an up and down situation. Numbers go up and they come down when holidays come, we are expecting to see the numbers rise and that is really where we are,” said Dr. Manning. “It’s ridiculous that people are being asked to get back into this field because they should be enjoying retirement."

Dr. Manning understands the demand is there and she can definitely relate to wanting to help since most people in the healthcare field have a passion for it.

“You have to have a love for it. People are passionate about the field. Nurses, all healthcare workers. Our priority is to give, we are giving, we are serving the people.

She says most of her colleagues don't mind coming back, but she hates to see it reach that point.

There's a survey for retired healthcare workers who are interested in coming back.

Click here to complete the survey.