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WRTV Fact Check Friday: Can I donate blood if I got the COVID-19 vaccine?

Posted at 8:04 AM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-07 08:05:06-04

INDIANAPOLIS — It seems as if there's been a shortage of blood at hospitals for a long time now, but organizations that facilitate blood donations say that's been especially true as the pandemic drags on.

There has been some confusion about who can donate.

I got the COVID-19 vaccine. Can I donate blood to the Red Cross?

If you're vaccinated, you can donate blood. Keep this in mind, though.

"If you don't remember the vaccine which you received, we ask that you wait at least two weeks before you donate blood," said Lamar Holliday with American Red Cross. "If you know the vaccine you received, if you're health, you are eligible to donate blood. You can still do that."

The confusion began in March when the Red Cross was concerned whether the convalescent plasma from vaccinated people was appropriate for people using it to fight COVID-19. Now, the Red Cross will take your donation and separate the plasma it needs.

One blood donation can help up to three people, whether it's someone facing liver disease or someone seeking to recover from COVID-19.

"Donors are the only people who can fill that need," Holliday said.

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