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Doctors say you need to come in despite COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 9:55 PM, Aug 03, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — There used to be a rush to get to the emergency room.

Dr. Ashley Meagher said she thinks COVID-19 is making some people afraid to come in to get help and relief from pain.

"There has been an increased number of people avoiding to the point where they wait until they are so sick it is hard for us to take care of them," Meagher said. "Anytime a patient delays coming to the hospital for something that is an emergency it puts them at risk of a poor outcome. Don't delay coming to the hospital if you need to come."

Meagher wants patients to know they are in good hands and it's better to catch things early rather than later.

"I woke up and I was experiencing some pain in the lower right side of my abdomen," Phyllis Schooler said. "I've never had a problem with my appendix in the past. I said, 'I hope this isn't my appendix.'"

Schooler said she only waited a day before making arrangements to get checked out.

"I did a virtual appointment with my doctor and she thought it was my appendix," Schooler said. "She asked if I could go to the emergency room. I just thank God that I did not wait."

Dr. Meagher said Schooler did the right thing and she wouldn't advise anyone to put off that type of surgery because her appendix could have burst. Meagher said it's better safe than sorry and it's also important to keep up with prescribed medication.

"I know that pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens you can do a no-touch pick up of your medications," Meagher said. "So really stay on top of refilling medications."

Meagher said patients who are more prone to developing bad COVID-19 symptoms due to pre-existing conditions should monitor themselves as closely as possible and make a point to see your doctor for checkups, even if the appointments are virtual.