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Experts concerned about climbing COVID-19 numbers, want people to be careful

Posted at 11:08 PM, Oct 12, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — INDIANAPOLIS — Experts say while things may be opening up again that doesn't mean Hoosiers should relax when it comes to social distancing or masking up. Since Friday there have been nearly 7,000 additional COVID-19 cases reported.

Experts said they have learned about the virus since March.

“We are getting better at taking care of sicker patients, we have treatment options that are available that are now evidence-based Remdesivir and Dexamethasone," Dr. Cole Beeler said. "They’ve even developed methods that can make a difference when it comes to saving lives.

“Procedures like proning a patient, where we put people on their stomach to help them breathe better. They’ve made necessary adjustments too. We use N95 masks for specific procedures that create how quantity of aerosols that could be infectious.”

Even with those steps, experts like Beeler say we're still not out of the woods.

“I am extremely worried about a surge even though things are functioning, and we are in stage five cases are going straight up in Indiana,” Beeler said. “We should practice social distancing and masking because otherwise the hospitals could get overrun this Winter.”

“We have good reason to expect based on Southern hemisphere precedent that this will be a rougher season for COVID than Summer months,” Beeler said.

Deion Campbell survived COVID-19 in March he’s only 26 years old and he doesn’t have and underlying health issue.

“I was on the ventilator 12 days and I spent 40 days in the hospital then I went to rehab," Campbell said. “COVID-19 is real. It exists I’ve experienced it.”

He says he’s lost friends to the virus and he is determined to share his story through his book “Ventilator” to serve as a warning.

“I can’t stress how important it is to really treat it like it is life or death because it is,” Campbell said.