Franklin Township parents rally for changes to e-learning model

FTCSC rally
Posted at 8:17 PM, Sep 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-15 20:17:28-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Some parents in Franklin Township are calling on school administrators to make adjustments to the current e-learning model.

It is part of the hybrid schedule at Franklin Township Community Schools.

On Tuesday, several parents gathered outside of the administration building with signs calling for changes.

Right now, students do about half of the week in the classroom and the other half of the week at home in front of their laptops. Some parents say those days at home can be challenging because there is no interaction with the teachers and students are left to teach themselves. They say many are now falling behind.

Last week, WRTV told you about a petition parents started calling for certain adjustments. They want to see more teacher interaction on e-learning days, a consistent method of communication so assignments and deadlines are clear, and an adjusted workload.

Last week, district leaders said they would meet with parents individually to discuss any learning challenges their children are having, but some parents say they want to see more action.

“The reason that this petition was started was to get answers for the group as a whole," Raven Ventimiglia, a FTCSC parent, said. "Of course, I would love to have a response just for my daughter, but we are looking to better the entire township and how everything is done for everyone. That is our goal today, to get answers for everyone. Everyone’s child matters and the grades for all of our students are important."

"I'm not mad at the teachers or the administration. I just want to figure out what we can do to fix this because somebody like my son is going to fall through the cracks,” Sarah Rumley, a FTCSC parent, said.

District leaders said they hear parents’ concerns and are working to address them.

“We have met with several families individually over the past couple of days. The specific feedback they provided was very valuable. We look forward to using that feedback to ensure our students are getting the best educational experience possible,” Dr. Chase Huotari, chief academic officer for secondary at FTCSC, said. “We are always happy to individually meet with families to discuss the concerns they have and to work together to find ways to help their child experience success.”