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Hundreds vaccinated during free IPS and Children's Museum clinics

Posted at 12:00 AM, Jan 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-07 00:00:29-05

INDIANAPOLIS — As COVID-19 vaccinations continue across the Hoosier state, Indianapolis Public Schools and The Children's Museum of Indianapolis hosted vaccine clinics this week to make it accessible to families.

Lines wrapped around the Children's Museum Thursday evening as hundreds of people of all ages waited for COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots.

"It was really great, loved it, it felt like a pinch," said Titus Perales, 9.

Kali Perales, 7, also waited in line to get her first dose of Pfizer's pediatric COVID vaccine.

"It's a little scary, but its also very good," said Kali.

8-year-old Ethan Eikenberry says he wanted to do his part to protect his friends and family. He's proud of the outcome.

"I didn't cry and I didn't feel anything; it was just a little poke," said Eikenberry.

Ethan's mother, Kayla Eikenberry, works in a local hospital. She says finding easy access to the pediatric vaccine has been a challenge.

"I will be honest, I was having a difficult time getting an appointment scheduled at a pharmacy just because of the limitations and not having them available," said Kayla.

Riley Children's Health, which worked with the Museum for the clinic, says 300 COVID-19 vaccines and/or boosters were given and 90 people got flu shots during the event.

Indianapolis Public Schools also hosted two vaccine clinic for students and families this week, inside Arsenal Tech High School and Shortridge High School.

As COVID cases surge, IPS Health Services Director Megan Carlson says the goal is to keep students in class.

"I think one of the big issues is access - it's hard for families to take time out of their day after working, set up an appointment, get to a doctor's office [and] pull kids out of school. This way ,they can come down from class, we get them their vaccines and we send them right back to class. Parents can come later when they are picking their kids up," said Carlson.

Carlson says more than 70 students and families were vaccinated during Wednesday's clinic with dozens more getting their shots on Thursday.