Indy area hospitals working to slow the spread of COVID-19

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Posted at 10:28 PM, Mar 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-23 22:28:05-04

INDIANAPOLIS — With the number of cases in the state steadily rising, Gov. Eric Holcomb is calling for Indianapolis hospitals to join forces to fight COVID-19 and slow down the spread.

One area family is hoping sharing their story will help others take the novel coronavirus pandemic more seriously.

"We want to talk to all the college students, all the young adults out there — God bless you — you may think you are invincible but you are just an susceptible as the rest of us," Jen Doudt said.

Last Thursday, Jen and Matt Doudt's daughter showed symptoms similar to other patients diagnosed with coronavirus.

"She couldn't catch her breath, she was breaking out in cold sweats, lips blue and body was cold but she was hot," Jen Doudt said.

Just 24 hours before falling ill, Emma, like many young peope thought she was in the clear of the virus.

"We were talking about the virus and being careful and she made a comment to us how she was a young adult and she was strong and wasn't afraid of getting the virus," Matt Doudt said.

The Doudt's daughter testing negative for the virus and ended up being diagnosed with pneumonia but Indianapolis hospitals are serious about stopping the spread of COVID-19 all together.

The Doudt's said they haven't been able to visit their daughter, to be there for her because the only people allowed in the hospital are for end of life care.

Those are just some of the precautions being taken at Ascension St. Vincent. Other hospitals were already combining facilities and resources but at noon Monday the governor announced he's putting an emergency operations center in place.

The goal of forming an alliance is to slow the spread of coronavirus and also to keep the hospitals from being overrun during this time.