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Lingering effects of COVID-19: Local police chief shares his story

Says the virus must be taken seriously
Posted at 11:16 PM, Dec 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 00:14:25-05

GREENFIELD — Greenfield Police Chief Jeff Rasche is using his experience with COVID-19 to urge people to take the virus and precautions surrounding it seriously.

"I really hope that people that are going through this or who haven't gone through this realize that their may be some long-term effects," Chief Rasche said. For him, it has been a trying last couple of weeks.

He received his positive COVID-19 on November 2. He tells WRTV, the first week was fine with no symptoms. The second week, he says, was not bad with only mild symptoms, so what happened next surprised him.

"It was in the third, fourth, fifth week that after I was back to work, I started having some difficulties with my heart rate, heart rhythms, and different things," Rasche said. "Having a realistic conversation with folks sometimes becomes difficult to try and stay focused, so the COVID brain fog is very real. We have meetings regularly with our healthcare professionals in Greenfield. They are seeing almost daily something new or another issue that people are having with regards to COVID."

Rasche will be using a heart monitor until December 30. He first spoke about his experience with the Greenfield Reporter.

Greenfield, like a lot of smaller towns, is close-knit. Everyone is connected one way or another which makes the COVID-19 deaths in the city and county especially personal.

"Sadly, I've lost track of the number of people I know here locally who've lost loved ones or I know first hand who've died from this," Rasche said. "I think that people are doing a much better job and hopefully, by sharing my story, it'll make an impact and help others do the same."