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Pharmacy student, healthcare worker shares why she got vaccinated

Posted at 10:54 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 23:22:08-05

INDIANAPOLIS — After becoming the second vaccine to receive emergency approval by the FDA, Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine is being given to healthcare workers. Fran Hudson is one of them.

"We had just received the first doses of the Covid vaccine and they said we had extra," Hudson said. "I immediately said 'Yes, sign me up.' I want to get this vaccine as soon as possible."

Since the vaccine has mostly been available to front line healthcare workers, so far, not many 20-year-olds have received it. However, Hudson, a Butler University pharmacy student, works in hospital during breaks, putting her on the list.

She says that experience and other personal reasons are why she was so eager to get vaccinated.

"I worked in the hospital all summer long," Hudson said. "I saw the impact it had on my community, the people coming to the hospital who were very, very sick. My mom has an autoimmune disease in her lungs. It was very important for me to stay healthy while I was living here with her."

When she's not living at home, she's living with three roommates at school.

"The three people I was living with are also on the same page in terms of keeping our circle very small and trying to stay as healthy as we can throughout the semester," Hudson said.

Her message to other young people is simple: get the vaccine when you can and make smart decisions next semester.

"I know that we are young and that we are very much probably going to survive Covid if we got Covid, but just be thinking about other people," Hudson said.

The Indiana State Health Department says most people will be able to get vaccinated by next summer.