Production resumes at Tyson in Logansport after additional cleaning

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Posted at 5:35 PM, Apr 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-21 17:35:05-04

LOGANSPORT — Production at the Tyson Foods processing plant in Logansport resumed on Tuesday after a one-day production shutdown for additional cleaning and sanitation efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A company spokeswoman declined to say how many workers at the facility have tested positive for the novel coronavirus "since this is an ever-changing situation."

"While we understand the necessity of keeping our facilities operational so that we can continue to feed the nation, the safety of our people remains our top priority," Jim Schmitz, vice president of pork production operations at Tyson Foods, said in a statement. "Our plant production areas are sanitized daily to ensure food safety, and we have stepped up deep cleaning and sanitizing of our facilities, especially in employee breakrooms, locker rooms and other areas to protect our team members."

Schmitz said in a statement that the company has employees dedicated to constantly wiping down and sanitizing common areas.

"We understand everyone, including our team members, is anxious during this challenging time and we're committed in doing everything to be there for each other as we navigate through this together," Schmitz said.

Hli Yang, a corporate spokeswoman, said the company has been evaluating and implementing ways to promote more social distancing in Tyson's plants. Among those efforts:

  • Allowing more time between shifts to reduce worker interaction.
  • Giving team members more space by erecting large tents to serve as outdoor break rooms.
  • Removing chairs in some break rooms so there is more space between workers.
  • Eliminating conference room meetings and the size of new orientation classes.

Yang said the Logansport facility resumed production on Tuesday with more workstation dividers, additional time clocks installed throughout the facility to promote social distancing and a fully disinfected and sanitized facility. Tyson is also slowing down production lines to increase space between workers on the production floor, Yang said.