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Accused dealer linked to tainted heroin revived from suspected overdose in Hope, Indiana, home

Posted at 7:12 PM, Nov 14, 2016

HOPE, Ind. -- A Columbus man accused of peddling tainted heroin linked to multiple overdoses was himself revived from a suspected heroin overdose on the day he was released from jail.

Hope police were called to a home on the 700 block of Main Street on Wednesday on a report of a suspected overdose.

Inside, they found 25-year-old Ryan Redmon lying unconscious and unresponsive with syringes nearby.

Above: Syringes, a spoon and lighter found at the scene. (Photo courtesy Hope Police Department)

Responders administered Redmon two doses of the anti-overdose drug Narcan. He regained consciousness a short time later and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. He was subsequently arrested and booked into the Bartholomew County Jail on charges of possession of syringes and paraphernalia.

Redmon was arrested on October 25 following a months-long investigation by the Bartholomew County Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team.

At the time, police accused Redmon of trafficking methamphetamine and heroin in from Indianapolis to sell in the Columbus area – some of which, they said, may be linked to a rash of overdoses from tainted heroin earlier in the year.

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Hope Town Marshal Matthew Tallent said Redmon was found overdosed the same day he was released from jail on house arrest in connection to those charges.

"The day he got out of jail is the day he overdosed," Tallent said. "He was released on house arrest that morning and overdosed that night."

Tallent said his officers didn't initially realize Redmon was their patient.

"We didn't realize it was the same one until we had revived him," Tallent said. "My first reaction was: Why is he out walking around right now? What has broken down that he is out on house arrest just to be doing this stuff again?"

Tallent said Redmon was Hope's third overdose of the year.

As of Monday afternoon, Redmon remained in custody at Bartholomew County Jail.

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