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Bullets wrapped in Christmas paper left in east side music shop owner's mailbox

Posted at 4:19 PM, Nov 29, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- An east side music shop owner says he won't be intimidated by two bullets left in his mailbox over the weekend.

The bullets came wrapped in Christmas paper with an invoice from Michael Florek's business and a "Thinking of You" sticker. The wrapping paper also had Florek's name written on it, but nothing else.

"There was an envelope, I believe it was made out of Christmas wrapping paper, and it had a copy on the top of one of invoices that says Florek's Violin and Music Shop taped to the front along with a 'Thinking of You' envelope seal – you know, a real nice Christmas seal," Florek said. "I opened it up and inside there were two hollow-point, I don't know what caliber, bullets. I immediately called IMPD."

Florek's been in business as a violin and music store owner since 1998. He says this is the first time he's ever received a threat in nearly 20 years in business.

Because of the invoice attached to the bullets, Florek thinks they came from an unhappy customer. He says he tries to make sure everyone is happy when they leave the door.

"[IMPD] told me to keep aware. They think this is a real threat," Florek said. "I hope I won't be forced to get a gun license and carry one with me – I'm not that kind of person – but if I have to I will."

Florek says his shop has 100 families come through weekly for instrument lessons, repairs and rentals – many from the neighboring school districts, but some from Carmel and Fishers.

He says he plans to add more security to his home and shop, but that he won't be deterred from doing what he loves – making music and teaching others to do the same.