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Court Documents: Kokomo men beaten, forced to fight each other naked while being held captive

Posted at 6:08 PM, Dec 21, 2016

KOKOMO, Ind. -- Two men were rescued by a Kokomo police officer after they were held captive and forced to fight each other while naked, according to court documents.

Michael Robinson, 33, and his brother, Marcus Robinson, 27, were arrested on Dec. 12 and charged with aggravated battery, kidnapping, criminal recklessness and criminal confinement.

A Kokomo police officer said he was driving down West Superior Street earlier this month when he passed by a truck with the front passenger door open. A man, wearing only a t-shirt, was hanging from the door, dragging his feet and screaming for help.

The officer pulled the truck over, and the man ran over and climbed into the police cruiser, begging for help. The man claimed that someone in the truck was going to kill him.

A second male victim was found, naked, inside the truck.

The victims told police that they had been hired by the Robinson brothers to do construction work on a home. After that home was broken into, the Robinsons blamed their hired help and took matters into their own hands.

The victims told police they were asked to come to a home on Madison Court where they were beaten with a baseball bat and forced to remove their clothing while the brothers demanded that they confess to the break-in and threatened to kill them. The two were then forced to fight each other at gun point, according to court documents.

One of the victims also told police that while he was locked in the bathroom, he attempted to leave his fingerprints and blood in as many places as possible for them to find.

After several hours of beatings, the men were told to put on shirts and get into the truck where the brothers told them they were going to take them “to the country to kill them.”

One of the victims saw the officer drive by and that’s when he attempted to get out of the truck.

Police found a handgun, a baseball bat, a bag of clothes and several areas of what appeared to be blood in the truck.

Both victims were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries but have since been released.