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IMPD grabs guns, drugs & 200 arrests in latest sweep

Posted at 5:14 PM, Oct 27, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indianapolis police are touting the results of their biggest and longest sweep since Chief Troy Riggs took over in January.

Since Monday, IMPD says it has made nearly 200 arrests, seized nearly $50,000 and taken large amounts of drugs like cocaine and heroin off the street.

In total, IMPD's newly revised narcotics units have taken more than 6 pounds of cocaine, 5 pounds of heroin and 13 pounds of meth off the streets this year.

But Riggs also made it clear Thursday that the department is in neighborhoods not just to make arrests.

"We're not going into a neighborhood and locking up somebody on a street corner for a minor crime," Riggs said. "We're going into specific homes based on our social disorder index, we're looking for specific individuals, and then we're wrapping around with social services."

On Thursday, following the string of arrests earlier in the week, IMPD's Community Engagement Office went door-to-door in those neighborhoods inquiring about whether people need assistance with things like food, healthcare and paying for utilities.

Riggs says police can no longer be blind to the real impact of taking an income stream – even an illegal one – out of a home.

"When we get a call, let's say we get a search warrant and there's drugs in the house and we arrest someone … but there's an elderly relative left behind," Riggs said. "We've just taken away the primary breadwinner. Right or wrong, they were providing for that family."

Riggs said Indianapolis residents should understand this is IMPD's new model: They're coming in to remove criminal elements from neighborhoods, but they're also sticking around to make sure services are in place to fill the voids they might leave.