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Man arrested after chase on Indianapolis' west side

Posted at 7:13 PM, Nov 21, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis man was arrested after a police chase Monday on the city's west side.

Officers were able to track down the man, who they say is a serious violent felon, to near 38th and Moller Road.

They blocked the suspect's car after a traffic stop, but he reportedly rammed a police vehicle and drove away.

The chase ended when the suspect jumped out of his vehicle in the Oaks of Eagle Creek Apartment complex and a K-9 tracked him down.

Officers say the suspect punched the K-9, causing a possible minor injury.

Johnathan Baker, 29, was arrested and preliminarily charged with criminal recklessness, resisting law enforcement by fleeing in a vehicle, resisting law enforcement by fleeing on foot, battery of a police K-9, and a warrant for a serious violent felon in possession of a firearm.