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Thieves target heavy-duty Ford trucks in Henry County

Posted at 3:48 AM, Jan 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-13 04:26:57-05

MIDDLETOWN, Ind. -- Police are looking for four thieves caught on surveillance video stealing three Ford F-250 trucks from a Henry County car lot.

Surveillance video shows four suspects stealing the trucks from Roberts Pipeline Construction Company. They tried to steal four, but were only able to get away with three.

Roberts Pipeline has a fleet of 30 F-250 trucks. All of them kept in a fenced, locked area.

Two of the trucks have since been recovered and police are gathering DNA evidence from the steering wheel, which they hope will lead them to the thieves.

Jason Roberts owns the company and said that he’s happy two of his trucks have been recovered, but they weren’t in one piece.

“One of them was stripped. The bed was empty. Headache rack was gone. They dropped it off and parked it a mile and a half from the shop here,” said Roberts.

Henry County Sheriff Rick McCorckle said thieves are targeting that particular vehicle, but they aren’t exactly sure why.

“We know they are targeting that particular vehicle, but we are not sure why. Don’t know if they are looking to put them to work somewhere, if they are getting parts for them. Not sure,” said McCorckle.

These aren’t the first heavy duty trucks to be targeted in central Indiana.

Just last summer police located a chop shop in Indianapolis – where they believe dozens of stolen trucks could have been taken.  

Inside that shop were six trucks from Hendricks, Marion and Monroe counties.

Police in Indianapolis are also investigating over a dozen thefts of Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks over the past several months.

Anyone with information on these cases is asked to call the Henry County Sheriff’s office at (765)-529-4901.

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