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Doc: Pregnancy "diet" is OK

Posted at 9:02 PM, May 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-30 21:02:26-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- During pregnancy, babies can gain as much as a half-pound a week, but that doesn't mean mom should -- at least not most of the time.

Board certified OB/GYN and frequent Good Morning America guest Dr. Jen Ashton offered advice on what's nutritionally sound for pregnant women.

"Go back to the first trimester," Ashton said. "Most women have morning sickness. Their stomach really doesn't feel right. But, remember, this is a trimester where you shouldn't be gaining that much weight at all. Like 1-4 pounds is kind of average or recommended. Second trimester is really the best trimester. Weight gain should be about a pound a week. Again, that depends on your starting weight before pregnancy. You want to be taking in an additional 300 calories a day if you're carrying one baby, which is not that much."

Ashton said during the third trimester is when babies gain weight the most rapidly – up to a half-pound a week from 36 weeks on.

"But that doesn't necessarily mean you should," Ashton said. "So, your caloric intake should stay about 350 calories more a day."

Ashton talked to Good Morning Indiana Anchor Beth Vaughn about her new book about pregnancy nutrition. Watch their interview in the video player above.