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Inside a marijuana dispensary in Colorado

Posted at 2:47 PM, Sep 29, 2015

Just walking into a marijuana dispensary can be a mind-altering experience. Especially when that dispensary is as big and as high tech as The Green Solution.

The pot dispensary chain took over a former McDonald's in Aurora, Colorado that had been vacant for years. The store now serves about 600 customers a day, a manager told our Scripps Sister Station 7NEWS.

In place of the play area, there is a clean, bright lobby with a receptionist to direct customers and check their IDs.

They like to joke that they moved the fun zone inside.

You enter through the "gift shop" and are greeted by a concierge.

Inside is every pot-related thing you've ever heard of, plus a bunch of stuff you probably never imagined.

The first thing you see is two large glass cases displaying marijuana buds and concentrates.

"We alternate over 65 Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains like our award-winners Presidential Kush, Cindy White and Grape Stomper," the dispensary's website says.

The buds are all showcased with individual computer monitors displaying information about the strain.

"In addition to our knowledge of marijuana, we leverage modern technology to create an immersive and innovative experience in our stores," the company states.

The second glass case holds various concentrates, including oils, wax, sift, kief, caviar, hash, resin, shatter and pie crust.

The store also offers tinctures and infused products for topical applications.

The edibles section features candy, chocolates, brownies and drinks infused with marijuana.

Customers looking to grow their own can shop for feminized seeds or rooted clones in a special room near the exit.

The accessories section features colorful glass pipes and bongs, as well as vaporizers.

Running late to yoga? Or headed into a snow storm? The Green Solution has you covered.

Shopping for a friend? Overwhelmed by the choices? You can always get a gift card.

The Green Solution has 11 locations currently open in Colorado.

A manager told 7NEWS the chain relies primarily on word of mouth for advertising, but thanks to the Adopt-A-Highway program, the company has signage on four sections of heavily-traveled interstates in the metro area and the mountains.