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Take 1 Minute: Delphi families ask that you take one minute to share Libby & Abby's story

Posted at 7:11 AM, Feb 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 10:55:32-05

DELPHI — It may not seem like much, but a single minute of your time could help solve a case and bring justice to the families of Libby and Abby.

Over the past three years the unanswered questions surrounding that unseasonably warm February day have continued to pile up, but one constant remains: A killer is out there.

Becky Patty says she's still surprised by how many people have not heard about the case. Two years ago she made a plea to the public: In memory of Libby, take just one minute to stare at the photo and listen to the audio and really think about whether you know the man it shows.

It's now been three years and although her goal remains the same, she's revised that plea to help spread the word farther and wider.

It will only take a minute.

Becky says if everyone who knows the story finds someone who has never heard of Libby and Abby and spreads the word, it could have an avalanche effect that could reach far and wide. She asks that you just take a single minute to explain to someone who Libby and Abby were and why finding their killer is so important.

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