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East side Indianapolis charter school takes delivery of electric school bus

Will help reduce air pollution
Posted at 11:08 PM, Nov 10, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — An east side Indianapolis charter school has its first school bus, and it's electric.

Paramount Cottage Home, a Paramount Schools of Excellence, took delivery of the bus Tuesday. The vehicle delivers on Paramount's promise to the Cottage Home Neighborhood Association to use an all-electric bus to reduce air pollution in the area.

"In response to the neighborhood we wanted to make a statement to say that pollution in Indianapolis, especially Indianapolis, is a serious issue and pollution is a health issue as much as COVID is a health issue and we need to pay attention to these issues so we can push our city forward, make a larger difference when we're talking about the health of our future generations," said Paramount's Tommy Reddicks.

The bus can hold up to 60 passengers and can go 125-miles between charges.