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Indianapolis organization helpings student struggling with virtual learning

Free Tutoring is available nights and weekends
Posted at 11:37 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 23:38:30-05

INDIANAPOLIS — "E-learning has been a bit difficult. Keeping the schedule, keeping the focus, keeping the motivation," said Indianapolis mother Kim Covington.

Her 8th grade son, Cameron Covington, will tell you himself, he's no fan of sitting in front of a computer screen to go to school. "A person is on the screen. You don't actually meet them in person and its boring," said Cameron.

Cameron's mom says the lack of one-on-one interaction with someone in a classroom was keeping her son from succeeding with his writing assignments. "We do what we can at home, we have Cameron read to us; Write journals during this time, but we still saw that his writing needed a little bit of help, so we contacted CLD," Kim Covington said.

The Center for Leadership and Development and their one-on-one virtual tutoring was the answer to the Covington family's needs, with Cameron's writing quickly improving. CLD President Dennis Bland says the sigh of relief from families is the very reason why they are offering tutoring on both nights and weekends free of charge.

"We want to actively reach out and make sure that students and parents understand not just that these resources are available, but that they understand the transformation that can occur when students and families have access to these types of services coming from professionals," said Bland.

Kim Covington believes the one-on-one attention from a professional is what made all the difference for Cameron. "I'm not a great writer, so having an expert here to coach him, that has been very helpful. I'm not as stressed honestly," Covington said.

To learn more about CLD's tutoring services visit their website by clicking here: