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Indianapolis school adopts a cow

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Posted at 6:22 AM, Jan 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-06 07:27:25-05

INDIANAPOLIS — This story is sure to lift your mooood.

A STEM teacher at a local school has adopted a cow for her classroom.

At Eleanor Skillen, Pam Berg adopted a calf.

The calf’s name is Natalie and right now she's about two months old and they're learning everything about her from how she was born, how much she weighs, what she does on the farm and they're even learning how the farmers milk her.

“The kids right now are having a wonderful time exploring the dairy world,” Berg said.

Earlier this school year — they adopted a cow from a Northern Indiana farm.

Besides learning fun things about cows they’re also learning about jobs on a farm and how they relate to STEM careers.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.

Berg said in farming there are dozens of STEM careers.

“We talk about the ecology of it all and how we have to take care of the land and the jobs that go along with taking care of the land that are STEM jobs," Berg said. "There are many STEM jobs, more than I even thought of when I started investigating this."

Berg told me every Indianapolis Public School has STEM classes for every grade.

“Our kids are eating it up. They love the STEM activities," Berg said. "They love the thinking that goes along with them, and their future employees are thankful that we are doing this because STEM is the way of the world."

The entire school has adopted Natalie as their own and she’s being utilized in other classrooms like English, math and art.