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Additional Marion County polling machines cutting wait times for voters

Long lines common over weekend
Posted at 9:48 PM, Oct 26, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — INDIANAPOLIS — In Marion County, early voting sites were so busy over the weekend, that many people waited more than a few hours to vote. The clerk’s office says they've added more machines. WRTV has been pressing the the office to find out just how many machines they've added and if they'll add more.

“The gentleman in front of us told us he waited about an hour and a half, but we are moving pretty rapidly, we have been here fifteen minutes,” said Donyell Morris, who was in line outside the City-County Building. She says she’ll take this wait time over the eight hours wait she heard about over the weekend. "I’m willing to wait because it gives us an opportunity to make a difference in our community,” added Morris.

Morris is bringing her daughter Delaini to vote for the first time, while Steven Simpson made a plan to stand in line today. “I work a day shift so I took a day off just to come vote. I heard about the long lines, but I have heard if you get here early it is shorter,” said Simpson. He was surprised to find that the wait wasn’t as bad as he expected downtown at the City County building. "They are telling us about an hour and fifteen minutes,” added Steven Simpson.

According to the Marion County Clerk’s office, the eight hours wait times were a result of crowds of voters arriving to polling places before doors opened.

“Last year I waited four hours just to vote,” said Emma Krichmayer who says she’s noticed it’s a timing thing. She’s explains that Monday morning she noticed a long winding line. “A sea of people,” said Krichmayer. After class she came back, and the line was moving right along. “I was a little hesitant but once I finished my class, I saw it was shorter,” said Krichmayer.

Sean Simpson got in line at the perfect time too. “Today was my last day here, I live out of town now. I am from Indianapolis and I haven’t registered where I live now so might as well strike while the iron is hot,” said Simpson.

Officials are trying to add more machines if possible but it’s tricky because they tell us they still have to make sure voters are able to cast their ballots while social distancing and staying safe.