Count Us INdiana is working to help make voting easier for Hoosiers

Posted at 8:05 AM, Sep 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 09:17:52-04

INDIANAPOLIS - Count US INdiana, based in Ft. Wayne, is a non-partisan organization aimed at, in their words, creating a more diverse and inclusive voter turnout by educating, empowering, and showing voters they mater

"Your voice does matter and your vote does make a difference,” Myles Trowell, vice president and one of the founding board of directors, said.

Trowell and President/Founder Jalyn Radziminski tell WRTV, they know so many people have a hard time believing they can make a difference. That’s one of the main reasons this organization was created. Trowell and Radziminski both say they’ve had issues before when they tried to vote.

“I had moved and then my parents had moved again, so my address was different on my ID,” Trowell said. “I kind of knew that I could still vote because I had forms of mail with me and the new address, but they were still making it difficult.”

“The absentee paperwork was misprinted several times and then, my ballot the year after got to my address late. I wasn't able to register in time,” Radziminski said.

Knowing others could face similar issues, they want people to know Count US INdiana is willing and able to help voters figure things out "If people need resources to get their ID, if you can't afford printing or getting your official paper work, any pro bono legal services; please feel free to reach out to us,” Radziminski said.

Every Tuesday from now until the General Election, Count US INdiana is partnering with the Indianapolis Public Library. They’re hosting virtual, educational forums where a range of topics related to voting will be discussed. You can go to the social media pages of either Count US INdiana or Indianapolis Public Library to stay in the loop.

If you’d like to learn more about Count US INdiana, you can click this sentence which will take you to their website, social media pages, along with other pertinent information.