Different generations discuss the importance of voting

Both agree: It's worth waiting in line
Posted at 8:37 PM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 20:37:51-05

INDIANAPOLIS — This election season, we've been hearing from Hoosier voters of all ages, and all walks of life.

“This election is important because it is a potential turning point in history,” said Dontrell Kelly.

Dontrell kelly is just 27-years-old. He's what most would classify a millennial but don't count him out because he says he knows his vote matters.

“I recently got married in June my wife is now pregnant,” added Kelly.

He's thinking about his own legacy and how voting impacts his family. “We can wait in line we can stand and wait for some time,” said Kelly.

He's referring to the long lines everyone has been talking about. As a new husband and soon-to-be father, he wants to make sure he's a part of how our nation proceeds.

For his generation, he's concerned about police brutality and wants change.

“There's been a sense of heaviness over the country, it's weighing down on us,” said Kelly.

Sandra Williams has voting experience that spans decades.

“I started when I was able to vote and now, I am 79,” said Williams.

This election, Williams tried to request a mail in ballot. “I sent two applications to vote through the mail and never received a ballot,” said Williams.

When that didn’t work out, she turned to Souls to the polls and the van took her to vote in person. “I was determined I was going to vote one way or the other,” said Williams.

She says voter suppression is nothing new to her, but she knew nothing would stand in her way. “You stand in line to buy shoes; you stand in line for movies, you stand in line for anything you want to do, you will stand in line to do this. It is something you need to put on your calendar,” said Williams

Both this 27-year-old and this 79-year-old agree it takes voting to see change.

“You'll wait in line for Jordan’s or to do XYZ but you can't wait in line to use your voice to make change,” said Williams.

They say if you can't wait in line to vote, make another plan. But whatever you do, don't make an excuse.