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Go Vote Indy helping remove barriers, get voters to the polls

Grassroots organization working to remove barriers
Posted at 7:36 PM, Oct 14, 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — INDIANAPOLIS — A grassroots organization in Indianapolis is helping to remove barriers and make sure people have a way to get to the polls to vote.

Go Vote Indy started after three strangers met while protesting for change in May. The trio decided to make sure Hoosiers made it to the polls even if they didn't have a ride.

“We met through a protest at monument circle and we started this it has been going on for four months,” Aimee Thomas said.

“Transportation is a major obstacle for many Marion County residents, and we wanted to provide a service that was focused on voter registration and voter education and transportation,” Thomas said.

Justin Floyd, Thomas, and Lindsay Bledsoe got volunteers signed up to drive voters to polling places.

WRTV caught up with Thomas to tag along for one of the rides.

“I signed up at the bus transit center and they said they could give me a ride,” Erika Cassulis said.

Cassulis is working to save money to buy a car, but right now she's relying on public transportation to get around. Since Go Vote Indy is taking her to vote today, she's got one less thing to worry about.

"We will be doing this on election day, early voting wise, we will be offering rides until Thursday, October 22nd," said Aimee Thomas.

The group says they get it, some voters feel more comfortable voting in person and maybe skeptical about mail-in voting, so that's why they exist. For riders concerned about the safety of it all Go Vote Indy is providing sanitizer, face masks, and sanitizing after each ride on top of making sure to social distance.

“The total for early voting. I think we are looking at a little more than 20 rides,” Thomas said.

Founders say they've waited in lines up to four hours, but it is worth the wait to make sure that every voter makes it to the polls.

On the ride over to vote, Cassulis checked out voter 411 to read up on candidate platforms to get all of her jitters out.

To schedule a ride call 317-804-1083 or email

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